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Medical allergies treatment

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Some general remarks buy periactin online allergies treatment

The first step in allergy treatment is to identify the allergen (for example, pollen, animals, mildew, mites or some foods) and avoid it if possible. Depending on the type of allergy, the Doctor will propose a variety of medications to alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of life.

Allergy medications are found in the form of pills, liquids, nasal sprays, eye drops and topical creams. Some are getting over-the-counter, others on prescription allergies treatment.

In the case of food allergies, the only treatment possible is to stop consuming the food for the rest of your life. People with a high food allergy, usually nuts, peanuts, fish or crustaceans, that can cause anaphylactic shock are called to keep an epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen ®, Twinject ®) handy. Epinephrine slows down the allergic reaction, time to get medical attention. It should be noted that allergy to latex, certain medications and insect bites can also cause anaphylactic shock buy periactin online allergies treatment.

Main types of medications

Les antihistaminiques soulagent les symptômes en bloquant le relâchement de l’histamine. La plupart s’obtiennent en vente libre, comme Claritin®, Zyrtec®, Réactine® et Allegra® buy periactin for cheap.
Les décongestionnants, comme Sudafed® et Balminil®, soulagent la congestion du nez et des sinus.
Les antileucotriènes, des médicaments obtenus sur ordonnance, bloquent les effets des leucotriènes (Singulair®, Accolate®). Les leucotriènes, appartenant aux prostaglandines, sont produits par le système immunitaire durant une réaction allergique, et contribuent à l’apparition des symptômes.
L’emploi de corticostéroïdes est réservé aux problèmes d’allergies plus graves. Ils préviennent et traitent l’inflammation. Ils s’obtiennent uniquement sur ordonnance (Flonase®, Nasonex®, Dermacort®, Prednisone®).
Effet indésirable. Certains de ces médicaments peuvent causer de la somnolence. Informez-vous auprès de votre pharmacien buy periactin online.

Douche nasale. Cette pratique contribue au soulagement de la congestion du nez et des sinus. Elle consiste à rincer successivement chaque narine avec une solution saline commerciale (par exemple, Salinex®) ou faite maison. Pour faire sa propre solution saline, dissoudre un quart de cuillérée à thé de sel dans 500 ml d’eau tiède. Le liquide est alors introduit dans la narine à l’aide d’une poire que l’on peut se procurer en pharmacie buy periactin for sale.

Desensitization treatment allergies treatment

The desensitization treatment is mainly used in cases of severe allergy to insect venom and allergic rhinitis, where the medications are insufficient to relieve it or the adverse effects of the medication are poorly tolerated. It involves the administration of repeated and increasing doses of the allergen over a period of three to five years. The desensitization treatment allows to accustom the organism to the presence of the allergen and thus reduce the intensity of the allergic reaction allergies treatment.

According to the Mayo clinic experts in the United States, this therapy has shown good efficacy in the event of allergy to cats, mites and pollen. In children, desensitization treatment can reduce the risk of asthma buy periactin online. However, it should not be tempted in case of food allergy because it can cause a severe anaphylactic reaction.

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