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The term allergy comes from two Greek words Allos-Other, Ergon-act. And literally translates other, altered effects of some substances on the body. The term “allergy” was proposed Pirquet in 1906, allergy is considered as a form of immunity pathology, because allergies and immunity are provided by the same apparatus-lymphoid system.
Immunological and allergic reactions are directed to the maintenance of antigenic homeostasis, elimination of alien agent. At the same time, there are some differences in the reaction to re-ingestion of the allergen into the body from the immune response to the antigen. Thus, allergies can be caused by such factors (cold, ultraviolet rays, ionizing radiation), the influence of which on the body is not accompanied by immune reactions. Allergic reactions occur stadijno with indispensable destruction of blood, walls of vessels, tissue elements, which in principle distinguishes allergies from immunological reactivity. Allergy develops with the preferential participation of immunoglobulins of Class E, rarely involved in the mechanism of formation of immunity. With the help of allergic reactions in the form of anaphylactic shock, inflammation, swelling, etc. The body is freed from the antigen (allergen) faster than the immune response.

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Allergy is an increased and perverted reactivity of the organism on the action of substances of antigenic and nongenic origin.
Substances that can transform the body’s reaction or which can transform the body’s response are called allergens. Allergens have all the properties of antigens (makromolekuljarnost, predominantly protein nature, alien for the body, etc.). However, allergic reactions can cause substances, not only antigenic nature, but also substances that do not possess these properties. These include many micromolecular compounds, such as drugs, simple chemicals (bromine, iodine, chromium, nickel), as well as more complex non-protein products (some microbial products, polysaccharides, etc.). These substances are called Gaptenami.

Allergens can be a variety of substances concept of allergies

The number of allergens capable of causing allergic reactions is immense. They are divided into allergens exogenous, i.e. falling into an organism from an external environment, and endogenous, arising in an organism under influence of damaging factors or at kompleksacii of own tissues with nonantigenic alien substances.
Among the exogenous allergens are:
Infectious-the most different pathogens of infectious diseases and their products (bacterial, viral, fungal, kokkovye forms)-which are getting into the body once increase the sensitivity of the body and the re-hit There is an allergy phenomenon concept of allergies;
Non-infectious (food, household, animal origin, chemical, medicinal and vegetable origin).
Household (substances of organic and inorganic character-home, library dust, etc.). Household allergens are complex allergens, which include dust particles (clothes, bed linen, furniture), mushrooms (in damp rooms), particles of domestic insects, bacteria (nonpathogenic staph, etc.). The main allergenic component of home dust is mites (living, dead, their Lynn skins and excrement);
Plant substances (for example: pollen of such plants as Bent white, Timothy Meadow, Bluegrass Meadow, Hedgehog national team, Fescue Meadow, etc.);
Substances of animal origin, for example, Slushhivajushhijsja epidermis, wool, fluff, dandruff, sweat particles;
blood serum;

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Some nutrients (strawberries, strawberries, chicken egg protein (albumin), milk, honey, etc.). Many foods can be allergens. But most of all they are fish, wheat, beans, tomatoes. Allergens can be added to food products chemicals (antioxidants, dyes, aromatics and other substances) concept of allergies.
Medicinal substances (serums, vaccines, antibiotics, some chemotherapy). Any drug (except for some constituent parts of biological liquids-sodium chloride, glucose, etc.) can lead to the development of drug allergies. Drugs or their metabolites are usually gaptenami;
Some physical and chemical factors (synthetic detergents, pesticides, herbicides, etc.).
To allergens of endogenous origin include Autoallergeny.