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Introduction Depression is a serious disease that affects millions of people every year, causing a strong emotional distress. This disease can reduce or even deprive a person of working capacity, prevents normal family life and work, increases the risk of physical malaise and sometimes leads to suicide.

However, depression is curable. Unfortunately, most people suffering from depression do not receive any treatment due to a number of reasons. Some obviously abstain from treatment, hoping that sooner or later everything will pass by itself. Others consider depression a weakness, a flaw of their own character, or a sign of a loser; They think they should get out of the crisis by themselves. And someone in general clue that depression can be treated. In the light of what we know about the nature of depression, there is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your condition. Depression is not a sign of weakness; It is a disease that is difficult to cope with alone, but which is fortunately because.

One of the most severe manifestations of depression is the feeling of helplessness inherent in most people suffering from this disease. Sometimes a person is haunted by the feeling that he is trapped in deep despair. Overcomes hopelessness. Anxious friends try to cheer up: “Everything will be fine… No need to see everything in black light… In the vast majority of cases, some encouraging words are not enough to improve the state.

Depressive states

Purpose of work: to consider psychological aspects of depressive state.


-Characterize depressive state;

-Consider symptoms of depression;

-practically analyze the condition of a group of clients of a private psychological clinic.

-Consider the types of depression;

-Consider the causes of depression.

Research object: People prone to depressive states.

Subject of research: depressive states.

Hypothesis: The predisposition to depressive states is influenced not only by the events taking place, but also by the person’s personal attitude to these events.