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Symptoms of depression

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Depression affects people in a variety of ways. The symptoms are often confusing and ambiguous. If a person catches what his problems are, it will be easier for him to choose the best method of treatment. I think it is advisable to divide the symptoms of depression into two types: psychological and biological.

Sadness and despair. Often these symptoms are most noticeable and painful. In addition, a person may experience a sense of emptiness, frustration, discouragement, physical sensation of gravity (especially under a spoon).

Low self-esteem. Suddenly there is a feeling that you do not bounce, overcomes the feeling of inadequacy. You start hating yourself. “I can’t do it, I’m not capable of anything,” “I always do everything wrong” – Here are examples of people with low self-esteem. Often they sincerely believe that they were losers at school, they think that they always fail in relationships with people, in sports and at work. These people estimate the surrounding higher than themselves, unnecessarily rely on someone else’s opinion and authority of outsiders.

Interpersonal problems

Apathy. Lack of motivation to do something, unwillingness to communicate with people, low level of activity and/or inactivity. This symptom can in itself lead to more serious problems, such as depressive “closed cool”. For example, in apathy, a person can decide: “Drat all Drat, do not want to leave the house, do not want to see anyone”. However, the isolation, lack of entertainment impoverish our life. Some researchers believe that life without pleasure is the main cause of depression. In addition, excessive passivity in itself can cause physical malaise (say, fatigue, constipation), and this is an additional discomfort.

Interpersonal problems. Being depressed, people are particularly sensitive to criticism, they do not want to communicate with anyone. They feel uncomfortable among other people; Sometimes the feeling of loneliness increases. Those suffering from depression are unsure of themselves – it is difficult for them to speak in their defense, to express their own opinions, to convey their feelings or thoughts, to ask for help, support, if necessary, to say “no” firmly.

However, the same problems in someone have no relation to depression, but if the disease is obvious, the mentioned manifestations are amplified. It happens that most of the time a person is relatively easy to communicate with others. Everything changes when the disease occurs. “One depressed patient said,” I’m usually calm when I’m communicating with strangers. But recently I lost my confidence. I am concerned about how I look in the eyes of the interlocutor; I find it hard to be frank. There is a feeling that something is wrong with me. ”

Psychological symptoms of depression

Feeling guilty. If you feel regret or remorse by making a mistake or inadvertently hurting someone, it is normal. However, in this case the feeling of guilt can be overly aggravated. You’re already convinced, “I’m a bad man.” This belief turns natural remorse into a painful and destructive emotion for the psyche.

Negative thoughts. The term “cognitive distortion” is used by psychologists to describe the trend of negative-pessimistic thinking. Cognition is thought and perception. Distortions and mistakes in thinking and perception are common signs of depression. The person in a state of depression all perceives extremely pessimistic. His thoughts are concentrated on the negative. Such distortions are not only a symptom, but also a powerful factor of depression increase.

Thoughts of suicide. Thoughts about suicide very often occur at depression. Although most people thinking about suicide in reality abstain from the fatal step, such thoughts always need to be taken seriously. Most often, the thoughts of suicide come to the mind of patients who have an idea of their own future painted in gloomy colors. Such people possess a sense of hopelessness. In suicide, we see deliverance from suffering. The instinct of self-preservation still prevails in the majority of patients. Love of loved ones, faith in God, fear of retaliation in another world, other circumstances-too much binds man to life to decide to settle with her accounts.