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Understanding depression from the psychological side

Understanding depression from the psychological side Treat depression Paroxetine for sale The term “depression” is used to describe many human states. This term is widely used and can refer to different forms of subjective distress. Depression is often spoken in relation to the acute stage of the nervous turmoil caused by the fact that the person was disappointed, alarmed or rejected; He is suffering from the loss of a close relative. This condition is familiar to all people-it is a normal reaction to stress. We all worry about family, friends, work. When you lose a loved one, the marriage collapses, hope does not come true, the experiences are natural. Sadness is a very human emotion that conveys our reaction to disappointment and loss. Apparently, it is necessary for the fuller feeling of happiness. Only in comparison with sadness it is possible to really appreciate pleasure.


The term “depression” is also used to describe a disease that is different from naturally passing sadness. This disease is called clinical depression. “It has the following characteristics:

-Depression is felt more intensively and lasts longer;

-it is characterized by symptoms often associated with problems of human relationships, behavior, thinking and biological functioning of people;

-It interferes with everyday life of a person at work and at home.

Clinical depression is a disorder that many people suffer. For example, about 15 million people in the United States are prone to depression every year; According to research by some scientists, from 10% to 25% of the population of this country in some period of their lives are severe depression. It affects people of all countries, of any origin, age and lifestyle. In severe cases, the patient has to hospitalized. Of the known diseases, clinical depression is the most common cause of suicide in all age groups and all cultures.

Depression characteristics

The number of suicides among people suffering from recurring depression is about 15%. Depression can have a profound effect on the immune system, making it harder for a person to cope with the disease — the risk of physical health deterioration is great.

Depression is a common disease. However, many for some reason ashamed it, consider something shameful. Vain. No one is immune to this scourge. If you or someone you know is depressed, it is not a cause for discouragement, because depression is one of the most well-curable diseases.

“Different people have a different depression. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

-Sadness, indifference, low motivation or absence, fatigue;

-Sleep disturbance;

-Appetite disorder;

-Apathy, loss of taste for life;

-heightened sensitivity to criticism or neglect;

-heightened sense of resentment;

-Low self-esteem, self-doubt, feeling of inadequacy;

-Irritability, feeling of frustration and hopelessness;

-a sense of hopelessness and/or helplessness;

-Thoughts of death or suicide, attempted suicide.

There are other manifestations of this complex disease. Many people have a combination of symptoms. In the next paragraph we will discuss them in more detail.